Dear reacha community,

this summer we continue to do our best for you and are constantly working on improving our production to make it even more sustainable. We also have a new adventure for you from the reacha community.

SUP adventure in Switzerland

In 2021, we supported adventurer Ivan Vaquera Ureta on one of his toughest challenges yet

Vaquera Ureta decided to take on the Swiss SUP Eco-Challenge. In this challenge, all large lakes in Switzerland are paddled with a SUP and the transport from lake to lake must happen ecologically valuable

Ivan Ureta reacha SUP Challenge

More sustainability @ reacha

Since 2022 we have completely avoided the use of plastic in shipping!

Furthermore, we have reduced the amount of cardboard by a third and ship the reacha in custom-made boxes made in our home country by Bayerische Wellpappen GmbH.

To get even better, we switched printers and are now printing climate neutrally. We also found the right adhesive tape to ship the reacha plastic-free.

reacha new packaging, 30% smaller pack size

Customer Review of the Month

We appreciate your feedback and will continue to reward reviews that include a great picture with a 20 € voucher.
We also share the best stories with you via our newsletter or social media channels.

Vacation with the reacha


"The reacha has everything it needs!

Been on vacation with my dog (had broken his leg). Just needed to add "tail guards" to the wheels and everything was perfect!"

Jan S. 🇩🇪

reacha dog bike trailer on vacation

Thank you for your great trust and your recommendations!

Keep asking us questions and sending suggestions. Your feedback makes us better.

Best regards

Your reacha-Team.

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