Robert Heine is an entrepreneur, father of four children and passionate about camping. After falling in love with the Italian sailboat "Paper8" (PaperOtto) five years ago and realizing that it was not available in Germany, he decided to begin selling the foldable sailboat in Germany. Since then, he takes the reacha and his Paper8 on camping vacations to various bodies of water for some sailing two or three times a year. With the reacha SPORT, he can even tow the PaperOtto to hard-to-reach bays and set it up there. You can read here how the versatile reacha is used on the annual camping vacation in the south of France with the whole family.

When Robert and his wife start the long drive south at four o'clock in the morning, as they do every year in October, the world is still dark and peaceful, the air autumnally fresh. On the back seats of the small bus, their four children sit half asleep next to their grandmother. The caravan is fully loaded - on board: the foldable sailboat Paper Otto, the reacha SPORT and everything else the beach heart desires. Between four kids with different interests, there's a lot of stuff: Bodyboards, SUPs, an inflatable kayak, sand molds and much more.

The foldable sailboat Paper8

The foldable sailboat Paper8

The reacha as a rescue for the last mile

After a 13-hour drive, Robert and his family reach their destination on the Côte d'Azur. A campsite near the sea awaits them at Camp du Domaine. The lush nature between the softly sloping plots at the foot of a hill and the beautiful view of the sea have attracted Robert's family here again and again. After more than 1,000 kilometers of driving, they are now separated by only 100 meters from the beach - but with sailboat, beach tent, deck chairs, boards and toys, it feels like 3 kilometers before they discovered the reacha.

"The reacha has proven itself time and time again as a last mile rescue. Even over sand and gravel roads, we can easily haul everything we need to the water as a family of six for a beach day. In the past, the kids would argue about who had to carry what. Today, they fight over who gets to pull the reacha because they think it's cool."

Paper8 boat is pulled with the reacha

There is even room next to the foldable sailboat for paddleboards and co. The foldable sailboat can be set up directly on the beach in no time at all.

reacha and PaperOtto - a versatile duo

The reacha can be used as a beach vehicle and as a clothesline for wet swimwear. On the first morning, Robert first hauls the disassembled sailboat to the beach using the reacha. After only five minutes the boat's body, made of FSC-certified sail wood, is assembled, and after another 10-15 minutes the sails are set. For Robert, an amateur sailor, this is a dream come true - but his children don't always want to be guided by the wind. Fortunately, the PaperOtto is just as flexible as the reacha and is able to perform without sails. Whether as a sustainable motorboat with electric engine or a classic rowing boat - the kids can have a go.

PaperOtto with reacha bike trailer on the beach

The reacha trailer can also easily carry the foldable sailboat PaperOtto with its total weight of 50kg, for example to explore a nearby bay with the rented e-bike.

Three little adventures - one boat

On a cloudy morning, Robert and his son head out onto the smooth water at sunrise to go fishing. Except for the hum of the electric motor and the gentle splashing of the water against the boat, there is only silence. In the distance, they see a small island they've always wanted to explore. But as they approach the rock formation, they realize that distance is illusive. To save power, they switch to rowing, but slowly realize that the current is causing them to drift. Another boat gives them concerned looks. As the sky turns pinkish blue between the horizon and the cloud cover, they decide to turn back. Unfortunately without dorado for breakfast, but with a breathtaking photo of the sunrise.

After breakfast, the kids pack sand molds and snorkeling gear onto the reacha and pull it to the beach, which is possible without getting stuck thanks to the wide beach tires. While the youngest splash around in the water, the older ones go out into the open water with dad Robert. Tied to a buoy, the PaperOtto quickly becomes a diving station for short breathers between fascinating fish.

PaperOtto with reacha bike trailer on the beach

"Sailing like God in France" - a dream comes true for amateur sailor Robert

When a breeze comes up in the early evening, Robert sets up the sails again and goes out on the water with his wife, while the children play cards with grandma on the beach. The campground with its forest-covered hills glows in the warm gold of the evening sun. They end the day with a non-alcoholic beer. As the saying goes, "Sailing like God in France," or at least that's what hobby sailor Robert thinks. And so a day full of variety comes to an end, with something for young and old to enjoy.

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