EARLY SEASON SALE - 10% off everything *

EARLY SEASON SALE - 10% off everything

This also applies to our reacha BUNDLES. The (additional) 10% discount is automatically deducted in the shopping basket.

This also applies to our reacha BUNDLES. The (additional) 10% discount is automatically deducted in the shopping basket.

(Bicycle) trailers and accessories

Bicycle trailer for SUP at a favourable set price
Bicycle trailer for SUP at a favourable set price

Which reacha is for you?

Available wheel sets

compact 20" | street 24" | beach 20" fat

compact 20" | street 24" | beach 20" fat

pro 26" fat

compact 20" | street 24" | beach 20" fat

Adjustable width
Adjustable length
Reinforced drawbar mount
Bike connection via

Saddle pole with

Saddle pole with

Saddle pole with

Saddle pole with

Use cases

Wing Foil, Kite Surf, Surfboard (short), Shopping, Dog Crates, Camping

SUP, Kayak, Surfboard (long), Windsurfboard

Surf Schools, Heavy Duty

Boat, >4.5m, Fishing Kayak, Race-SUPs, Canoe

Still not sure?

In this video we explain our modular system and show you the right reacha for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are five reacha models: reacha SPORT, reacha CITY, reacha WEBER, reacha XXL and reacha PRO. Each model comes in different variants depending on the choice of wheel sets and load compartment.

You can get a good overview of the different reacha models on our bicycle trailer collection page, but here are the most important differences.

The frame:

The SPORT, CITY, WEBER and PRO models come with our aluminum frame in standard dimensions. In addition the reacha PRO has reinforced drawbar mounts. The reacha XXL, on the other hand, has its own XXL frame that is 30 cm longer and 10 cm wider.

The drawbar:

reacha SPORT, reacha PRO and reacha XXL have the longer so-called SPORT drawbar. This means that particularly long equipment can be placed and transported on the drawbar. 

reacha CITY and reacha WEBER, on the other hand, have shorter drawbars and are therefore more manoeuvrable and more suitable for transport in the city. The reacha CITY can also be used as a hand trailer thanks to its upward-pointing drawbar. The reacha WEBER, on the other hand, is attached to a Weber bicycle hitch at axle height and is therefore primarily suitable as a bicycle trailer. Both CITY and WEBER drawbars have a side stand for easy parking.

The tires:

We offer reacha SPORT, CITY, WEBER and XXL with three different wheel sets. The compact 20” tires are ideal for the road and has the smallest pack size. If you want to go faster on paved roads or when ground clearance is important, then the street 24” tires are recommended. Off road and in the sand, the beach 20” fat bike tires with stainless steel wheel bearings come into play. There is also a so-called d.i.y. variant that does not contain a wheel set and makes it possible to reuse old bicycle front tires.

The reacha PRO, on the other hand, has particularly large 26" fat bike tires with stainless steel wheel bearings, so that it can be pulled through the sand even when heavily loaded.

The load area:

We offer all reacha models either without a loading area [“naked”], with a textile trunk as a loading area [“trunk”] or with a platform as a loading area [“platform”].

The "trunk" is a textile bag that has open corners on the sides. With the help of the Velcro fasteners, it can be adjusted to the length and width of the frame. When disassembled, the trunk can be used as a carrying bag for the reacha. 

The “platform”, on the other hand, has a fixed width and is attached to the center rails of the frame. If the frame is set wider, a side loading bracket (“bow”) can be used to transport items such as a SUP board upright. In addition, the platform can optionally be expanded to form a box with side walls as accessories.

Connection to the bike:

Please note that all reacha models do not come with a bicycle adapter. Many reacha customers use the SPORT, CITY, PRO and XXL models exclusively as handcarts and for the WEBER choosing the right hitch strongly depends on the bike to which the trailer is to be connected.

reacha SPORT, CITY, PRO and XXL can be connected to the bike's saddle pole with the so-called Bike Connector 2.0. This allows long items to be transported to protrude beyond the rear tire, giving you even more transport length.

The reacha WEBER, on the other hand, is attached to the rear axle of the bike using a Weber trailer hitch.


reacha SPORT, CITY, XXL and WEBER come without any additional accessories apart from the frame, drawbar, possibly wheel set and loading area. With the reacha PRO, on the other hand, two additional loading brackets with side walls are included in the price. 


For transport in the city and objects up to 1.5 meters, we recommend the CITY or the WEBER. reacha SPORT and reacha PRO are designed for sports equipment up to a length of 4.5 meters. For particularly high loads in manual operation, we recommend the reacha PRO up to 80kg payload. For everything beyond 4.5 meters (canoes, two-seaters, collapsible boats, fishing kayaks, etc.) the reacha XXL comes into play.

The choice of the right wheel set and the right loading area depends heavily on your application and cannot be answered in general terms. On the product pages you will find further information to help you make the right decision.

If you would like to combine several advantages of the different models, have a look at our sets, the so-called reacha BUNDLE

"500-1000€ for some aluminum bars, some fabric and some rims!!!!", "After all, everything comes from China anyway! And they want so much money for that!", "It's a shame that a great product is spoiled by greed for money. Would be really great but the price defies description." "There are trailers for €120 on amazon." Unfortunately, we hear such and some less qualified criticism again and again from people who come into contact with our advertising on social media, but do not bother to actually deal with reacha. 

Yes, our trailers are not cheap. And, no, not everything comes from China. reacha is not a product of industrial mass production!

The heart of our reacha, the frame, is handcrafted in small series in Upper Bavaria. The high-strength and coated aluminum tubes from Belgian production are given their final shape at our partner in the Rosenheim area using a special process. We also focus on innovation and sustainability with other materials instead of low prices. Be it our loading platform, made in our district town of Miesbach, from a CO2-binding wood material produced in Switzerland. Or for example our Bow cover from the Allgäu, which, thanks to recycled pre-consumer mono-plastic, can easily be reintroduced into the production cycle at the end of its life. We can now proudly say that 85% of reacha is produced in Europe. The last parts are then assembled here at Tegernsee, everything is checked, packed and shipped. 

As a small company, we developed reacha at our own risk and brought it to market maturity without a large investor or a large brand conglomerate in the background. The quality and longevity of the product and our responsibility towards people and nature were and are more important to us than pushing the price down to the lowest level. This is another reason why we give a 2-year manufacturer's guarantee and a 10-year spare parts guarantee. In addition, with quantities of less than 5,000 trailers per year, we have little influence on the prices of our producers. A company such as Thule with 50,000 to 100,000 trailers a year and owning entire production lines in China, can of course achieve very different manufacturing costs per unit than us.

It remains to say that reacha is more than just "aluminum poles, some fabric and a few rims". Let's start with the fact that we don't use poles, but tubes... Also, every year we get morecustomer testimonials to counter these comments on social media: "Well thought out, it is definitely worth the money.", "At first I was skeptical because the price was actually beyond my budget. Now I'm totally excited.", "The price is high, but absolutely justified. Best trailer I've had so far." and many more.

Please note that no reacha model includes a bicycle adapter in the scope of delivery. Because many reacha customers use the SPORT, CITY, PRO and XXL models exclusively as hand trucks. And with the reacha WEBER, the choice of the right Weber hitch is heavily dependent on the construction of the bike to which the trailer is to be attached. That's why Bike Connector 2.0 and the Weber trailer hitch type E are only available as an accessory or as part of a bundle deal.

The reacha SPORT is ideal for transporting goods up to 4.5 metres.

We recommend a maximum load of 35 kg for all models when used as a bicycle trailer and a maximum load of 60 kg when used as a hand trailer. The reacha PRO can transport up to 80kg as a hand trailer.

Please make sure that you comply with the applicable road traffic regulations in your country before using the trailer on the road.

When using the trolley as a bicycle trailer, the lighting must be retrofitted in accordance with the laws and traffic regulations of the country in which it is used. We also include four DIN-certified reflectors with mounting clamps with each Bike Connector.

When driving in the evening or in the dark or in tunnels, you may have to install a self-illuminating light.

The maximum internal width dimensions of our reacha models are as follows. They refer to the distance at the height of the wheel axle between two mounted Bow-Covers made of pre-consumer plastic. With mounted Bow Covers made of aluminium you have to subtract one centimetre on each side, as they slightly bulge inwards.

  • reacha CITY: 63,5cm
  • reacha SPORT / PRO: 75,5cm
  • reacha XXL: 85,5cm

You can find detailed dimension pictures here.

As a transparent company, we made a conscious decision not to hide our packaging and shipping costs in the sales prices of the reacha models. In addition, given the size of our products, shipping not only costs a few euros and, depending on whether we ship domestically or internationally, varies greatly. Just the packaging for a reacha alone costs us around €5 because we have it produced locally and as sustainably as possible. We also attach great importance to the reliability of our shipping partner and do not work with cheap shipping providers. In addition, we ship carbon neutrally with DHL Go Green to further reduce our footprint.

You can find an overview of our shipping costshere.

Please note that the prices on our homepage are exclusive of shipping costs and possible customs duties. The shipping costs are only calculated in the shopping cart at checkout (last step before payment), depending on what you have ordered and whether we ship within or outside of Germany.

No, reacha is not designed for transporting people.

reacha was primarily developed as a cargo trailer and not specifically for transporting animals. Of course, a container intended for the transport of animals, such as a dog crate or similar, can be transported on the reacha if it is sufficiently secured. Especially with the platform as a loading area, nothing should stand in the way of securing it. We recommend the dog crate from CADOCA. Whether your dog crate or other container will fit on the reacha can be seen from the information about the dimensions on the product pages and our product dimensions page.

In the following video we show you the dog crate:

The advantages of the (bicycle) trailer from reacha

Thanks to the reacha modular design, which we are constantly expanding, our reacha bike trailers combine many advantages that other bike trailers can only partially fulfill.

Climate friendly on the road

Many surfers and SUP riders will know the problem. Transporting equipment such as a standup paddle board, surfboard or kayak to your favorite spot is sometimes only possible by car. However, many water sports enthusiasts want to transport their SUP or surfboard to the lake or beach as climate-friendly as possible.

A bike trailer for paddleboards and surfboards is ideal for this purpose. And the reacha bicycle trailers for stand up paddle boards, surfboards and kayaks were especially developed for this reason.

All cargo trailers from reacha allow a climate-neutral transport of cargo. The best thing about it: With the bike trailers for SUP, surfboard or kayak you no longer need to search for a parking spot. With reacha you can cycle directly to the water! Those who want to be particularly climate-friendly on the road can get a reacha DIY. The DIY bicycle cargo trailer comes with no tires and allows you to give old bicycle tires a second chance!

Bike trailer for SUP, surfboards and kayaks

With the long reacha SPORT drawbar, you can transport long surfboards and SUPs as well as any other oversized item you want to haul. Whether as a bike trailer for SUP or as a surfboard trolley . Transporting equipment up to a length of 5 m with a reacha works like a charm. So not only is the reacha cargo trailer the perfect SUP accessory for long equipment but also in general a great alternative to a cargo bike! And those who want to transport a shortboard, camping equipment or other shorter equipment with their bike trailer, can choose the shorter CITY drawbar. he reacha CITY drawbar might be less suitable as SUP trolleys. But the short drawbar makes your bike trailer an ideal carriage for trips to the city and to the countryside.

No matter which reacha model suits you, with our cargo trailers for your bike you are fully prepared for your next trip. Either with the SUP bike trailer or a shopping trolley! And given reacha's modular system you can easily swap the accessories in no time and adjust the reacha trailer to your needs.

Suitable for almost any bike

Whether Canyon mountain bike or Herkules e-bike. With the Bike Connector, the bike trailer for SUP, surfboard and kayak can be connected to almost any bike. As long as your bike has a normal saddle pole, it is no problem to pull your SUP with the reacha. A luggage rack is no problem for the bike trailers from reacha either.

The reacha transport trailers are also suitable as hand trailers. Thanks to the end of the bike connector, the reacha bike trailer becomes a handcart or SURF trolley. So you can pull your SUP, or surfboard with the reacha to the water and leave your bike!