Bike Connector 2.0

Turns any reacha handcart into a bicycle trailer. Attachment to the seat tube allows for quick changeover to manual operation, long loading, rotation and storage of the bicycle.
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The bike adapter by reacha

The consistent further development of our proven bike connector 1.0 for connection to the bicycle saddle turns every reacha handcart into a bicycle trailer.
The connection to the bicycle saddle may seem strange at first glance, but it has significant advantages. It enables the use of SPORT SHORT, LONG, PRO and XXL as a handcart, as the goods to be transported are balanced horizontally at a comfortable hand height. In addition, the drawbar and the goods to be transported can be guided over the rear tyre of the bicycle, which reduces the overall length of the combination compared to a connection to the rear axle of the bicycle. The new so-called power joint made of hard rubber allows the bike to be rotated and put down without having to release the bike hitch. And with the snap lock on the Bike Connector, you can connect and disconnect the trailer from the bike in seconds and switch to manual operation. The Bike Connector can be (dis)mounted to the saddle pole (or frame) using a specially developed Velcro fastener. The adjustable length of the Bike Connector helps with overcoming longer bicycle rear ends. The Bike Connector was specially developed for high loads and even during stress tests with significantly exceeded maximum loads, top speeds of 60km/h and even falls did not affect the Bike Connector.

With each Bike Connector, we include a set of DIN certified reflectors for mounting on the trailer for road traffic.

The BC short (330-490mm) is recommended for reacha LONG/PRO/XXL models, and the BC long (430-590mm) is recommended for reacha SHORT models. For bikes with bulky luggage carriers (especially e-bikes with battery mounted on the luggage carrier), we also recommend the BC long (430-590mm) for LONG models. A clearance of at least 5cm on the seat post is required for attachment to the bike. The Bike Connector is suitable for seat posts with a diameter of 272mm to 349mm.

The bike adapter by reacha

The consistent further development of our proven bike connector 1.0 for connection to the bicycle saddle turns every reacha handcart into a bicycle trailer.

Parts inlcuded

➀  1x Bike Connector 2.0 [sport] / [city]
➁  1x Reflectors

Variant Weight
short (330-490mm) 0.518 kg
long (430-590mm) 0.575 kg
  • Please ensure that you comply with the applicable road traffic regulations in your country before using the trolley in road traffic. When using the trolley as a bicycle trailer, the lighting must be retrofitted according to the road traffic laws and regulations of the country in which it is used. For this purpose, we enclose four DIN-certified reflectors with mounting clamps with each Bike Connector. When riding in the evening or in the dark or in tunnels, you may also need to mount a self-illuminating light.
  • A clearance of at least 5cm is required on the seat post for attachment to the bike. We recommend the BC short (330-490mm) for reacha SPORT LONG/PRO/XXL models, the BC long (430-590mm) for SPORT SHORT models. For overhanging racks (especially for e-bikes with battery mounting on the rack) we recommend the BC long (430-590mm) also for SPORT LONG/PRO/XXL models.
  • The Bike Connector is not compatible with "Multicharger" e-bikes, as the luggage carrier is very long, especially on these models.

Frequently asked questions

Please note that no reacha model includes a bicycle adapter in the scope of delivery. Because many reacha customers use the SPORT, CITY, PRO and XXL models exclusively as hand trucks. And with the reacha WEBER, the choice of the right Weber hitch is heavily dependent on the construction of the bike to which the trailer is to be attached. That's why Bike Connector 2.0 and the Weber trailer hitch type E are only available as an accessory or as part of a bundle deal.

Please note that no reacha model comes with a bicycle adapter. This is because many reacha customers use the SPORT SHORT, SPORT LONG, SPORT XXL and SPORT PRO models exclusively as hand trolleys.

They can be attached to the bike saddle with the so-called Bike Connector 2.0. This allows long items to extend beyond the rear tyre, thus gaining additional transport length.

In the following videos, we show you how the Bike Connector works and how it is mounted on the bicycle:

We recommend a maximum load of 35 kg when used as a bicycle trailer.

Your seat post should have a minimum diameter of 272mm and a maximum diameter of 349mm.
We are currently working on a solution to enable the connection to thinner seat posts (especially telescopic seat posts). However, we cannot offer you a solution for this at the moment.

If the combination of a very low seat post clamp and luggage rack really doesn't work, you have to mount the Bike Connector under the saddle and then attach the second narrow loop to the saddle rods. However, this only works if the reacha is not loaded with the maximum weight.
Alternatively, you can combine a reacha frame with a Weber clutch in our BUILD YOUR OWN section, which can be mounted on the rear axle of your bike.

You should plan about 5cm for the Velcro on the seat post.