The reacha family is growing and we can proudly announce our new reacha Ambassadors: Lena and Nadine from Insbruck are passionate water sports enthusiasts who have fulfilled their dream and converted a van into the ideal travel vehicle! The couple from Austria documents their travels on their own Instagram account of the converted camper "Kion". With the reacha, the two have finally found the right trailer for the last mile to the beach, lake or river, enhancing their adventures. Read more about it in their travelogue with camper and reacha!

Our rescue is here - the reacha trailer

As water sports enthusiasts, we have been struggling for years with the transport of our bulky windsurfing, wingsurfing and SUP equipment. We have tried different surf carts, but none has really made our lives easier. Tired shoulders, complicated fastening of the material and tipped over trolleys were everyday life on vacation. But finally we found a solution to our problem - the reacha trailer. With this trailer you can transport not only the material for one surfer, but also easily the equipment for two. Before, everyone had his own car, which you had to push laboriously.

reacha bicycle trailer assembly

The assembly is quick and easy. In addition, you no longer need 3 to 4 fastening straps to secure your stuff, but you can simply put it on top, especially on the flat trunk. Tools are also not necessary, everything works super easy and very intuitive for windsurfers, because it is the same plug-in system as for fork beams. But the greatest thing about the whole thing is, although we now transport twice as much as before, that it is much more comfortable, because on the one hand the handle is included in the trailer (which is not the case with many surf carts) and thus the weight is on the wheels and not on our shoulders, on the other hand the tires bring a lot of stability due to their size.

reacha Fahrradanhänger Aufbau

As a special extra, the reacha is not only a hand trailer, but can be wonderfully attached to any bike, allowing even longer distances with ease. We set it up at the beginning of each vacation and it always serves us well until the end.

But it is not only a hero on vacation, it also helps us at home, particularly when it comes to leaving the car behind, as we can even do our weekly shopping with it.

Kion The Campervan

On the Instagram channel @kionthecampervan you can follow the adventures of the two. Besides their travels and adventures, they also document the makeover and constant improvement of their camper. Team reacha is happy that our bike trailer is now a permanent upgrade and companion of the campervan! The original Fiat of the two became Kion through their hard work! It all started with a sketch from Lena and Nadine:

The two women are not only passionate water sports enthusiasts who use the reacha to transport their surfboards, SUPs or wingboards. They are also hobby drone pilots who keep providing us with great content about their trips and the reacha on their channel.

Want to see more impressions of the combination of Kion the Camper and the reacha trailer? Watch this video and check out our channel, you will see the two more and more often!

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