Where do windsurfers, surfers, and kiteboarders usually go? To the beach! However, parking near the water is often a challenge. With the bicycle trailers reacha SPORT, we offer an emission-free alternative to transport surfboards, sails, and other equipment directly to the water.

What does a bicycle trailer for surfboards or kites need to accomplish?

Ample Space: Windsurfing boards are large, not to mention the sail. The reacha SPORT LONG bicycle trailer offers enough space for surfboards up to 4.3 meters in length, with or without a sail.

Stability: Our bicycle trailers are regionally produced in Bavaria. The aluminum frame comes from Rosenheim. The material is ideal: aluminum is stable and resistant to corrosion. We also focus on high quality and durability in our other components. Moreover, lightweight is particularly important for a bicycle trailer.

Lightweight Construction: The aluminum frame is very lightweight. The other components also ensure that the overall weight of the bicycle trailer remains minimal. The textile loading areas are stable, light, and serve as a bag when disassembled. Some plastic components were used with a focus on lightweight construction. However, all plastic parts used are made of recycled materials from the aviation industry: so-called "injected carbon". This is also particularly stable and durable.

Corrosion Protection: We have chosen materials for the reacha that can also be used at the sea and ensure the best possible corrosion protection. Even the screws of the reacha are made of stainless steel. In addition, our fatbike wheels in 24" and 26" have stainless steel ball bearings. Nevertheless, there is always spray and salt in the air at the sea. This leads to stress on all surfaces. Aluminum oxidizes and everything else suffers. Only stainless steel is "reasonably" insensitive. Everything else corrodes after a short time. Even if there is no direct contact with salt water, everything should be sprayed and cleaned with fresh water after outdoor use. It is also helpful to grease especially sensitive areas such as the valves. By the way, this applies not only to the reacha but also to your sports equipment.

Windsurfer transporting his windsurf boards with the bicycle trailer across the beach

Dennis Müller with his reacha SPORT LONG, fully loaded with windsurfing equipment

Modularity: The plastic components also ensure that the bicycle trailer can be assembled and disassembled in no time, as the snap system of the reacha SPORT consists of aluminum tubes and snap fasteners. This also has the advantage that the bicycle trailer can be adjusted in length and width. Sometimes you only want to take a small kite surfboard to the beach, for this we offer the SPORT SHORT with a short drawbar. The next day a windsurf board, and if your partner also comes along, maybe even two surf boards. With the SPORT LONG, no problem at all. The drawbars available as accessories can be easily changed with the snap fasteners without tools.

Tip: In our video gallery, Floko shows you that setting up the reacha takes less than four minutes and can be done without tools.

Tires for the beach: We offer all reacha SPORT models with 20" fatbike, the so-called "beach" tire set. After all, the way to the beach is often uneven, and wide tires simply have better traction. This allows this bicycle trailer to easily pull your surfboards across sand, stones, gravel, and pebbles. For street use, we offer our compact 20" and street 24" tires as alternatives.

Load Capacity: When using the reacha SPORT as a bicycle trailer, we recommend a maximum load capacity of 35 kilograms. (As a hand trailer, it can handle up to 60kg.) This guarantees our customers that they can pack additional items such as (wind) surfboards, provisions, backpacks, or other equipment. For those who need additional load capacity, the reacha PRO should also be considered. Thanks to the reinforced drawbar, it can transport up to 80kg, even when operated by hand.

Lashing Straps: Once you have loaded your windsurf board with sail onto the bicycle trailer, you should of course secure everything tightly to prevent it from falling off. To fasten your windsurf board as stably as possible on the bicycle trailer, we have developed a fastening strap for your reacha.

Bicycle trailer for surf schools

The reacha SPORT PRO, in use at the BYTHEWAVE surf school in France

Specially developed for surfers: the reacha SPORT with fatbike tires

The equipment for (wind) surfing also has its price, just like our reacha SPORT. It was specifically developed as a hand or bicycle trailer for transporting surfboards, kiteboards, and windsurf boards. We are aware that there are cheaper models on the market, but there are good reasons why the bicycle trailer is worth its money. Because the reacha SPORT:

  1. is particularly stable and durable (aluminum)
  2. is corrosion-free and saltwater-resistant
  3. can transport surfboards up to 4.3 meters long
  4. can also tow kayaks and other sports equipment
  5. is sustainably and regionally produced in Germany
  6. is flexibly adjustable (keyword: modularity)
  7. has minimal weight (keyword: lightweight construction)
  8. is easy to store when disassembled (keyword: foldable)
  9. can be assembled in a few minutes without tools
  10. is compatible with any bicycle (keyword: adjustable bike adapter)
  11. can be pulled by hand or bicycle
Our customers also think so:


Perfect surf trailer

Great trailer for surfboards in combination with a bicycle, super easy to set up, easy to store in the RV, and no hassle to the entry point. Highly recommended.


Bicycle trailer with small pack size