The bicycle trailers from reacha offer space for the complete fishing equipment: This includes not only the fishing rod and a camping chair. For longer trips, water, provisions, weatherproof clothing, and if you want to stay overnight, camping equipment are also needed. Since all reacha bicycle trailers are adjustable in length and width, they provide enough space for this. And for anglers who want to fish from a inflatable boat or kayak, it should be noted: a boat also fits easily on the reacha.

The biggest challenge - besides catching fish - is the same for all anglers: The fishing gear, including rod, bait, chair, provisions, rain jacket, or even a boat, somehow needs to be transported to the lake or river. Those who want to switch from car to bicycle can use a bicycle trailer from reacha for this purpose. The advantage of this is that the search for a parking space becomes unnecessary and the fishing equipment can usually be taken directly to the water's edge.

Collapsible bicycle trailer for anglers

Common features of all reacha models

What all cargo trailers from reacha have in common is a stable main frame made of aluminum tubes, which can also transport heavier loads such as inflatable boats, kayaks, and bulky equipment. Because the cargo trailers are designed to be adjustable in length and width with just a few simple steps. In addition, there are the three models of the reacha SPORT with three different sets of tires for different terrains. And you can choose between a lightweight textile load area, so-called Trunk, or a solid platform made of high-strength wood, depending on what needs to be transported. In addition, additional load bars, so-called Bows, can be attached as needed, so that, for example, boats can be transported upright. All reacha can be converted into a bicycle cargo trailer with the available Bike Connector accessory.

Bicycle trailers for anglers with different needs

So all bicycle trailers from reacha offer enough space for fishing or camping equipment. When choosing the right trailer, other factors play a more important role. Is fishing done with or without a boat? Is the trailer pulled by hand or by bicycle? And the tires must match the requirements, i.e. on which terrain will it be moved?

Collapsible bicycle trailer for anglers

Overview of the bicycle trailers from reacha

reacha SPORT SHORT - for anglers on foot

Those who go fishing without a boat and want to transport "only" a rod, landing net, waders, bait, and maybe a cooler by bicycle will prefer the reacha SPORT SHORT with a short drawbar and side stand. Even if you can't continue by bicycle, you can take it as a handcart to the fishing spot. If it involves sand or other uneven terrain, the version with 20" fatbike tires is recommended. The wood platform is recommended for the load area, which can be converted into a transport box with optional side walls.

Bicycle trailer for anglers with box

reacha SPORT LONG - para pescadores con kayak

Para pescadores que pescan desde el agua, se recomienda el reacha SPORT LONG. Se puede transportar un kayak de hasta 4,5 m en él. Si elige la bolsa de tela, el llamado Trunk, como área de carga, tendrá espacio debajo del kayak para más bolsas con equipo de pesca. El SPORT LONG también está disponible con tres juegos de neumáticos diferentes, dependiendo de si se viaja por calles pavimentadas o fuera de ellas.

Bicycle trailer for anglers and the beach

reacha SPORT XXL – para pescadores con barcos

Para aquellos que quieren ir al agua con compañeros aún más grandes, reacha ofrece el SPORT XXL, con el que se puede transportar un (pequeño) bote de >4,5 m y equipo de pesca. Por supuesto, en algún momento la física pone límites a todo. Por lo tanto, incluso con el SPORT XXL utilizado como remolque de bicicleta, solo se puede cargar un máximo de 35 kg y 60 kg como carrito. El SPORT XXL también está disponible con tres juegos de neumáticos diferentes, pero para cargas largas, se recomienda principalmente el juego de neumáticos street 24" para lograr más espacio libre.

Bicycle trailer for small boats

Build Your Own reacha – for anglers with used bicycle tires

And for those who want to be particularly mindful of their budget, in our BUILD YOUR OWN collection, you will find a cost-effective alternative that also benefits the environment. In the BUILD YOUR OWN collection, you can put together a reacha without tires and equip it with standard bicycle front tires (without quick-release axle). This has the advantage that anglers can decide for themselves on the tire equipment of their trailer. Only certain key data need to be considered. Front tires with hub width: 100 mm, diameter: 20”–26”, max. width: 4.0”, and no quick-release axle.

Bicycle trailer for self-assembly

Many Advantages for Anglers

In the end, reacha bicycle trailers offer all the advantages that are crucial for (hobby) anglers. We have briefly listed the key features of all reacha models here again:

  • Durable Material: All trailers are made of stainless and saltwater-resistant aluminum. For anglers who naturally spend time near water, this is an important basic requirement.
  • High Load Capacity: Whether a camping equipment, an inflatable boat, or even both are added to the fishing gear, reacha bicycle trailers can carry up to 35 kilograms and still maintain their smooth running. (For hand trailers, a payload of up to 60 kilograms is even recommended.)
  • Adaptable Tires: Depending on the model, the tires are designed for different surfaces (road, terrain, gravel, sand, etc.) or for different types of bicycles (mountain bikes, e-bikes, pedelecs, touring bikes). However, they can be easily replaced with the destination in mind for any model.
  • Purposeful Adjustability: Whether it's a short trip, a multi-day excursion, or even a whole vacation: each bicycle trailer is adjustable in length and width, so that the exact equipment needed for their tour always fits on it, that cyclists currently need.
  • Quick Assembly and Disassembly: The assembly or disassembly of all reacha models takes less than 5 minutes. Our Floko has once demonstrated this and recorded a video. You can see it in our Video Gallery!
  • Last but not least – conscientious production: The bicycle trailers produced by reacha are sustainably manufactured products. The aluminum frame is produced regionally in Rosenheim (Bavaria), and the processed plastic parts are mainly made from recycled material (injected carbon). This may not necessarily be an advantage for anglers, but still nice to know ;)


Perfect for Kayak Fishing

Besides the high quality features, the versatility of the reacha is ingenious. Whether I quickly want to go to the water with the SUP or start an adventure with the fishing kayak.

Dennis Kieselhorst

Bicycle Trailer with Small Pack Size

Conclusion: Which bicycle trailer is the best for anglers?

If you are still undecided about which model best suits your needs: In this video, our Floko once again highlights the differences of our hand and bicycle trailers and explains which reacha is best for your fishing trips - with or without a boat.