First an important thing to note: The bike trailer from reacha are NOT certified for the transport of children or babies. Instead the reacha SPORT SHORT with 20 inch tyres is ideal for small or large purchases in the city or for excursions into the countryside. So backpacks, tents, pavilions and (or) a Weber grill can be transported on this bike trailer with ease. It makes it the ideal companion for bicycle tours and family excursions - even on gravel roads.

The great advantage of all reacha trailers is that they are modularly constructed, which means that the size of the loading area can be adjusted as required, i.e. it can be adapted to individual needs and enlarged with additional loading brackets (bows). For use in the city, this means: from jute sacks, postal parcels or beverage crates to furniture or photographic equipment, everything can be transported from A to B with the reacha SPORT SHORT.
And also for trips into the countryside with the whole family it fulfils its purpose. No matter whether it's a camping holiday, a trip to the bathing lake or the open-air swimming pool, a trip to the barbecue or whatever your family has planned outside: if you want to transport long equipment, gear, toys, sports equipment or other things by bicycle, the reacha SPORT LONG is suited for long equipment up to 4.5m and is very stable and durable.

bike trailer for families and more

Stability has its price?!

The price of 499 EUR may seem daunting at first glance, but if you take a look behind the scenes of the bicycle trailer's manufacturing, the sustainable production and durability of the reacha PROducts counter the first (expensive) price impression with a fair price-performance ratio. Why? You buy a reacha bike trailer only once in a lifetime.

High quality wheels

Besides the fact that you have to change the tyres at times, because they wear out at some point of course, all the wheels on the reacha trailers come from experienced quality manufacturers, which means we can guarantee the longest possible service life. And depending on the surface and the intended use, different wheels (18" to 26", hub width 100 mm to max. width 4") can be used.

Frame made from aluminium and injected carbon

The frame, on the other hand, is built locally in Rosenheim from stainless aluminium. Due to the modular, individually adjustable design, we could not completely do without plastic in production, but we have found a climate-friendly solution: All larger plastic or plastic parts are made of so-called "injected carbon", hergestellt. These are mainly recycled materials from aviation, which are particularly stable and durable.

Textile trunk for loading

reacha also places great emphasis on stability and durability in the production of the textile loading areas and the associated Velcro fasteners. So far, no reacha customer has complained about this. And like all the components of our bicycle trailers, the loading area is rustproof and weatherproof. You can use the reacha SPORT compact also for a (family) trip to the beach with sand and salt water, or even in wind and weather.

Easy assembly and disassembly - without any tools

We know from our customers' reports that they take ours bike trailer to all kinds of destinations. To the beach, the lake, the mountains, for short and long tours or just for shopping in the city, as Dominik told us in this nice story: “I can take a big package to the post office or go shopping and bring everything home easy and I tell you, the looks are really great when the trailer on the bike is loaded with two beer crates.”
What's also worth a look is the video of our managing director Floko. He shows how quickly and easily the reacha SPORT compact bike trailer can be set up. Without any tools it takes less than four minutes. So if the family spontaneously plans a bike ride to the bathing lake on Sunday morning, it is reacha immediately assembled and ready for use.

Family with kids at the beach using a hand trolley

What our customers say


Very great bike trailer...

On camping vacations for shopping and as a handcart on the beach for surfboards, etc. I also do my weekly grocery shopping with the reacha.


Fahrradanhänger mit kleinem Packmaß